Cup of Love

Specific information

Director: Adam Silver
Production company: Marvista Entertainment, Caracol Television, Snap TV.
Production services in Colombia: Medellín and Fredonia, Colombia.
Locations: Medellín and Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia.
Cast: Anna Hutchison, Nicolás Rincón, Taliana Vargas, Julián Arango
Production Year: 2015


Zoe Walker is a food engineer working at a coffee chain in the United States. After creating a new coffee flavor, she travels to Colombia to find a good, affordable supplier. Through her search, she finds her way to a farm in Colombia’s Antioquia province, where she meets the farm’s owner Diego Valdez. Even though it has the best coffee in the region, the farm is not covering its costs and Diego is on the verge of bankruptcy, forcing him to sell his coffee at any price he can get. Zoe intends to take advantage of this situation, but Diego is only willing to sell her his coffee if she helps out with the harvest. By the time the crop is harvested, love has bloomed between the two, but Diego makes a mistake that leads Zoe to return to the United States, where he will have to follow her if he wants to win her back.