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Colombia Increasingly Attractive to International Producers
Colombia Increasingly Attractive to International Producers

Colombia was again the focus of attention for 16 representatives of international production companies who gathered in the country during the annual Fam Trip (Familiarization Trip) organized by the Colombian Film Commission to promote the culture, talent, sets and benefits offered by Colombia for film production. “This is an opportunity for foreign producers to see […]

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Created in Medellin, Jar Dwellers Characters Can Be Seen in Countries Around the World
Created in Medellin, Jar Dwellers Characters Can Be Seen in Countries Around the World

Jar Dwellers, aimed at children aged 6 to 11, was the first 2D animated series entirely produced in Medellin, Colombia. So far this year, it has been broadcast on international networks such as Channel 10 and ABC from Australia and the Canadian network CBC.   This has been possible thanks to a partnership between the […]

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Canadian Band The Seasons Shoots Music Video in Colombia
Canadian Band The Seasons Shoots Music Video in Colombia

The Breedge, the production company delegated by the Canadian company Vega Musique, was in Colombia from July 11 to 24 shooting a music video for the band The Seasons, from Quebec. The band, made up of Rémy Bélanger (drums), Hubert Chiasson (vocals and guitar), Julien Chiasson (vocals and guitar) and Samuel Renaud (bass), is known […]

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Juan Lopez, a Leader in Animation

Lopez, CEO of Pipeline Studios and Executive Producer of the series Jar Dwellers, has identified Colombia as the next global leader in digital production. In his campaign to connect the country with the animation industry, Lopez and his team have successfully provide services that meet the demanding standards of companies such as Disney, Hasbro, Nick […]

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Video of the month

Jar Dwellers Trailer

Sister and brother pair Sophie and David discover and release three amazing creatures from another planet. They’ll have to teach them how to behave in this world, not an easy task for the two children. See the trailer for this children’s series here.  


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Colombian Team Shines at the World Cup

The moment James Rodriguez trapped the ball on his chest and shot it into the Uruguayan net, something changed within all Colombians. That day, when the Colombian national team made it to the World Cup quarter-finals for the first time, it was clear that the country has grown and that, beyond feelings of patriotism, Colombia […]

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“Looking at all the locations that Colombia has to offer was very useful. It got such variety and such energy that I think they are very unique”.

Annalise Davis

UK producer

Embargo Films 





Fam Trip Guest


Pipeline Studios Internacional

Pipeline Studios Internacional

City: Medellin
Pipeline Studios is a state of the art Canadian Animation Studio devoted exclusively to the production of quality entertainment. The Pipeline Brand has become synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability. We encourage creative thinking and empower


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Location of the month

locacion del mes

Santo Domingo Savio Neighborhood

Region: Central Andean Region
City: Medellín
Department: Antioquia
Name: Santo Domingo Savio Neighborhood

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