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Bogota Launches Film Commission
Bogota Launches Film Commission

The Bogota Film Commission (CFB) seeks to be pole filming international productions in Latin America. According to Julián David Correa, Audiovisual Arts manager with the Bogota Institute of the Arts (IDARTES), which administers the Commission, the challenge is to enhance the services being offered. “Promoting the city as a location only makes sense and will only […]

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Shooting wraps on “Perros”
Shooting wraps on “Perros”

Perros, starring John Leguízamo, completes filming On July 24, filming wrapped on Perros, by Colombian director Harold Trompetero (Diástole y sístole, 2000; Riverside, 2008; El paseo, 2010), produced by Sinema (Argentina) with production services from Patagonia Films (Colombia). Perros tells the story of Misael, a farmer who is arrested for committing a crime of passion. […]

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Premiere “The 33”
Premiere “The 33”

The 33, the first film ever to be shot in Colombia under the new film law for productions made in the country, was filmed in early 2014 in mines in Nemocón and Zipaquira. Scenes of the mine collapse, the miners’ underground ordeal, and their joyous rescue in the famous Phoenix Capsule were filmed at these […]

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John Leguízamo

John Leguízamo returned to Colombia, this time to star in Perros, the latest film by Harold Trompetero. The acclaimed actor, born in Colombia and known for films like Carlito’s Way, Moulin Rouge, and Romeo and Juliet, talked with Location Colombia and showed why he is one of Colombia’s greatest ambassadors around the world. – You’ve […]

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“Perros”  tells the story of Misael, a farmer who is arrested for committing a crime of passion. During his time in prison, he is forgotten by his loved ones, abused and humiliated by prison guards, and intimidated and cheated by other inmates. In the midst of his despair, he finds solace in Sarna, the prison […]


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“The 33” Refuge: Latest Tourist Attraction at the Nemocon Salt Mine

After filming ended on The 33, which tells the story of the 33 miners trapped in a mine in San Jose, Chile in 2010, the Nemocon Salt Mine has set up the “Refuge” as its newest tourist attraction in the location where some of the film’s most moving scenes were shot. Considered a natural wonder, […]

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Hugo Colace – Director of Photography “Perros”

“This is my second film here and really, in every way, from the support of the company that provides equipment to the people here, it’s really excellent. I think this is just the beginning. I think it’s going to keep growing; as more films are made, more specialities will definitely emerge.”




City: Bogotá
Teléfono: 57+1 345 3421
Dynamo Productions SA is the most prolific audiovisual production in Latin America, with more than 13 national and international productions since 2006 in film, television and new formats. We have worked with co-producers and/or clients in USA, Spain, Ger


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Location of the month

locacion del mes

Girardot y alrededores

Region: Bogota Region
City: Girardot
Department: Cundinamarca
Name: Girardot y alrededores

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