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Premiere of “Colombia: Wild Magic”
Premiere of “Colombia: Wild Magic”

For the first time ever, a documentary about Colombia has proven to be a nation-wide box office hit. Colombia: Wild Magic, which presents Colombia’s biodiversity from border to border, had the best opening out of all Colombian films released this year, and ranked as the film with the second best performance in its opening weekend […]

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It All Started at the End: Luis Ospina’s Latest Film Premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival
It All Started at the End: Luis Ospina’s Latest Film Premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival

The latest documentary by Colombian cult film director Luis Ospina had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it was screened in the “TIFF Docs” section. The film is a self-portrait of Ospina and his friends Andrés Caicedo and Carlos Mayolo, who together made up the so-called Cali Group, better known as […]

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Samir Oliveros

Samir Oliveros 25 years old and with a degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York, could become the first Colombian film director to make a movie through crowdfunding, a collective funding method that is becoming increasingly popular. The film When the Well Runs Dry, which will be produced by Solar Cinema and […]

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Video of the month

Colombia Wild Magic

Colombia Wild Magic is an adventure that will Colombians know unexplored landscapes and lovely species of a country still unknown by many. By land, water and bird’s eye like never before been filmed our territory, Colombia Wild Magic Tape is more ambitious natural world held in the country. A set of filmmakers invited by the […]


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Colombian Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas Wins Award from the Magazine “Euromoney”

The prestigious magazine Euromoney has recognized Mauricio Cardenas, Finance Minister of Colombia, with its award for the 2015 Finance Minister of the Year. The publication praises Cardenas’s work to manage the Colombian economy, especially his approach to international markets and investors, and in domestic policies that have successfully prepared the country to deal with the […]

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“Working in Colombia was an absolutely amazing experience that exceeded my expectations in every way. Like most Americans, I had drawn an inaccurate assumption of what it would be like. I have worked in many places in my producing career and found it to be among the easiest in which to work and the quality of life I enjoyed there was unparalleled”.

Eric Newman, Executive Producer ‘Narcos’




Teléfono: 4674072
PATAGONIA FILMS It is a Colombian film producer, tv series, documentaries and transmedia content, with experience required to manage the 814 Film Law and 1556 Law of 2012, for domestic and international markets. The Director Maritza Daza an the Executive


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Location of the month

locacion del mes


Region: Caribbean Region
City: Providencia
Department: San Andrés y Providencia
Name: Providencia

This insular paradise is characterized by its mountainous landscapes of volcanic origin and the great barrier reef that surrounds it; third in extension in our planet. Old Providence and Santa Catalina are located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, 480 kilometers to the north of the Colombian coast and 180 off Central America; they have an approximated surface of 22 Km2. The Island of San Andres, as well as innumerable keys, banks and atolls form part of this exuberant and magical Archipelago. In Old Providence and Santa Catalina there are no high-rises buildings, apartment blocks or shopping malls. Here you will be able to enjoy the peace and silence in a natural way, in a place considered like one of the most conserved and representative of the Caribbean region.

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