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Abraham David Giraldo Cortes

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Alejandro Vallejo Villate
Alejandro Vallejo is a Cinematographer with a 15 year career that has Great skill as a camera operator, has worked with various directors in fiction, Documentary, video clip and advertising with all kinds of technology; which gives him the experience to b
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Arturo Almanza
+15 years of experience as director, cinematographer and editor in independent documentary projects, music videos, and short fiction films. DP and co-producer of APATHY a Road Movie (2012). I have experience in creative projects, NGOs, environmental grou
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Daniel Pineda Quintero
Cinematographer . Graduate from Unitec film and photography program . A feature film ,shorts , a documentary are part of him experience. In 17 years of experience daniel has performed all the jobs of camera dept (videoassist, 35mm and 16mm loader , foc
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Diana Ojeda
Director -Producer with more than 10 years of experience,  Master in Film and Television from the University of BOND Queensland Australia. She made several short films and participated in Project 48 where she was in the TOP 10 in Australia in 2008. Later
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Edson Builes Zuluaga
Film technician endorsed by the CONGO FILMS and EFD rental houses, with significant experience in audiovisual, commercial, video clips, series and film productions. I work in the photography department, with solid knowledge in the positions of Second Ass
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gabriel gordo

Gabriel Gordo Gaviria
Transmitted through the images not only emotions, but also a different view of what to some would be imperceptible in reality. Capturing events that would otherwise be invisible, do part of the work of this Colombian audiovisual producer motivates look
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Gerylee Polanco Uribe

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Helkin René Díaz
Helkin René Díaz is a cinematographer and photojournalist based in Bogotá-Colombia.  He studied film and photography in Colombia(2001), and Photojournalism and cinematography in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008). In 2008 he was camera man in the docum
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andres bermudez

I passed through all the positions and experiences in the photography department. I have walked through a path where the light has became the greatest of my passions, and today, as the last twelve years, I’ve been a Director of Photography. The light an
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