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Freddy Fehrmann Productions

A producing house dedicated to the development of the both documentary and plot cinema. Likewise, it does part of his managerial activity, the production of programs for the television, the creation of TV/radio commercials and the achievement of video pap
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Gabriel González Rodríguez
Screenwriter, Producer and Director. Graduated from National University of Colombia in 2007. Since 2006 he leads the group of Paralelo Producciones Ltda., in which he has produced short documentaries such as “Extras” (Viviana Camacho, 2007), invited to
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Giovanna Margarita Hernández Vélez

She has worked as a producer, assistant director, writer, teacher and consultant.He began his career in "Rodrigo D, No Futuro" by Victor Gaviria to follow in several productions as: "María Cano" by Camila Loboguerrero where he served as a second assistan
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Henry Rincón

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Jaime Abello Banfi


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Jhonny Hendrix Hinestrosa
In 2006, ANTORCHA FILMS S.A.S produced the feature film PERRO COME PERRO (Dog eat dog), directed by Carlos Moreno. The film had it\'s world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008. From there it started it\'s extensive festival round that has made
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Jimena Aguilera

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Johanna Rodríguez

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José Vicente Coronado

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