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Rosmary Muñoz

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Sandra Higuita

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Simón Beltrán Echeverri

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Simón Ramón
At his 28 years, Simon has a Social communicator degree, from the Javeriana University. Actually he is the Executive producer, and movie snapshot for Harold Trompetero Producciones last tree movies, “De Rolling Por Colombia”, “Todas Para Uno” ,
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Séptima Films Ltda

Founded by Jorge Botero in 2006, Séptima Films has been awarded five grants from Colombia’s Film Development Fund, including two for Santiago Trujillo’s acclaimed films, “No todos los ríos van al mar” (2008) and “La historia secreta de Néstor Nú
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Tatiana Villacob

Producer from the National University of Colombia and the Escola de Comunicações e Artes of the University of Sao Paulo. She has worked as Executive Producer, Production Manager and Development Director of various film projects and documentary televisio
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Vanessa López Rincón

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Ximena Sotomayor

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Yesica López

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