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Andrés Mauricio Sandoval

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Carlos Eduardo Pérez Ocampo

I work mostly as a film and video editor, field in which I have had the opportunity to edit short films, television programs and one feature film. I have also worked as a director and producer which combined with my skills in editing give me an advantage
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Felipe Ospina

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Gustavo Moyano

I worked as field producer, producer or Advanced Locations and Production Assistant for Film and Television, I have also served as head of casting, and Second and Third Assistant Director; I am further technologist commercial and financial management; I h
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jaime sin fondo-01

Jaime Mejá

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Julio Rueda
Actor, director and Colombian filmmaker, begins its way into the charts with the theater group \"Parnassus\" then enters the theatrical circle sector of La Candelaria Bogota in the ranks of the Colombian Theatre Corporation, in the permanent wor
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Laura Pardo Villalobos

Professional directing and producing film and television. Studies in marketing and extensive knowledge in managing cultural projects. With eight years’ experience in the audiovisual and cultural environment. The beginning of career while still in col
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Nathalie Choquette

Graduated in Social Communication and Journalism (Cali, Colombia) and Technologies of Film and Television (Montreal, Canada), Nathalie has developed extensive experience as Director’s Assistant, Associate Producer and Executive Producer, working on prod
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