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Manticora Casting

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Metro Studio
Since 1993 Metro Studio has produced and filmed commercial advertising and other cinematic pieces of high creative and cinematographic quality. Our permanent goal is to offer creative and innovative production solutions capable of enriching the communicat
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Naska Digital

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Novo Films
we are an internacional producer of advertising film. created since 1990 in Colombia and argentina. With many alliances in Latin America, USA and Spain.We have made more than 400 films in more than 10 countries and for major global brands. We count with 1
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Nukak Imagen Nomada

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Oceano Films O P Ltda

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Ocho y Medios Comunicación Ltda.

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monsterlab fx!home/mainPage
Visual artist and special effects director with extensive experience in film, television, theater and advertising specialist make-up fx and social indoor and outdoor pyrotechnics, weapons handling, mechanical effects (animatronics) Action choreography,
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