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Andrés Montaña Duret
Production sound mixer and sound designer for documentaries, fiction, commercials and anything related to sound+image. He has studied sound and worked in films both in Colombia and the United Kingdom. For more info visit http://www.i
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Andrés Sánchez Otálora
Location sound recordist and production sound mixer with gear for film and HD video.
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Carlos Andrés Arcila
Soundmixer.  Professional in Audiovisual Communication, with studies in sound design, sound language, musical production and foley. Experience in Location Sound for documentaries, fiction, institutional and commercial productions, for public and private
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Carolina del Mar Fernandez

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Daniel Giraldo

Foley artist. Sound engineer. Sound consultant as narrative element for audiovisual material, audio post-production for audiovisual media.
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Juan Felipe Rayo

Graduated from Social Comunication at Universidad del Valle. Has worked in the field of sound on films for more than 6 years in national and international productions. Cares to explore and emphasize the sound dimension of the stories he tells and helps t
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Miller Castro Tirado
Sound mixer for documentaries. Films and tv
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