Created in Medellin, Jar Dwellers Characters Can Be Seen in Countries Around the World

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Jar Dwellers, aimed at children aged 6 to 11, was the first 2D animated series entirely produced in Medellin, Colombia. So far this year, it has been broadcast on international networks such as Channel 10 and ABC from Australia and the Canadian network CBC.


This has been possible thanks to a partnership between the Medellin city government, via Route N, the Pascual Bravo University Institute, and the Canadian production company Pipeline Studios, which opened a studio for animation production in 2010. After the seed to create compelling projects had been planted, in 2013 a team of Colombian artists created Jar Dwellers, a show of the caliber of the children’s programs broadcast by major networks such as Nickelodeon or Disney.


The original idea and script for each of the chapters were created in Australia (Viskatoons), the work to give color and life to the characters and put the story into motion was handled by the Colombian team (Pipeline Colombia), and finally, post-production was done in Canada (Group PVP).


In 52 episodes of 11 minutes each, Jar Dwellers tells the story of three strange creatures who have lived for years inside a jar, and who are suddenly released by a sister and brother who teach them to live in the modern world.


This series cost US$6.2 million, of which Pipeline Colombia invested 1.8 million in Colombia. Production of the characters and the layout was handled by thirty-five people, including graphic designers, artists and animators.


Jar Dwellers has a website with interactive apps for cell phones and tablets, designed for young fans of the show to be able to interact with their characters through missions to investigate the mysteries of Jar Dwellers.


This year Jar Dwellers was nominated for the best animated series at the 29th version of the Gemeaux Awards, granted by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television since 1985.