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Alejandro Quintero

Martes 03 de Julio del 2012


Region: Bogota Region
City: Bogotá
Cellphone: 57+ 3153600725
Web page:
Alejandro Quintero has a Masters degree with Merit in Postproduction with Sound Design for Theater, Film and Television from the University of York, England. In 2013 is accepted as an intern at the THX department of the Churubusco Studios. Alejandro has also a degree in Literary Studies from the National University of Colombia and has been involved with multimedia collectives gaining experience as location sound mixer, sound designer, music composer for short and full feature films in Colombia and the UK.


Recent projects:


El Concursante

Carlos Osuna

Malta Cine

Location sound Director / Sound Designer


Río Seco

Pedro Hernavella

La Patota Films / Gallo dioro Films

Sound Recordist / Sound Designer


Sin Mover Los Labios

Carlos Osuna

Malta Cine

Sound Recordist / Sound Designer


Puntos Cardinales

Carlos Osuna

Malta Cine

Sound Designer

Malos Días

Andrés Beltrán

Rio Bravo Entertainment

FX designer

The Northern Paradigm

Mark Hall

Eavesdrop Films

Boom operator

Gordo, Calvo y Bajito

Carlos Osuna

Malta Cine

Music Composer