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AS Relaciones Públicas

Lunes 02 de Febrero del 2015


Region: Bogota Region
City: Bogotá
Contact: Almys Silgado
Telephone: +57 (1) 4024548
Cellphone: +57 3015780953
Web page:
Agency public relations, communications, events, marketing and digital PR. We offer a complete portfolio of services to the film industry, based on our experience and knowledge:

  • External communications (free press, press releases and press conferences)

  • Production and Design Publisher (Press Release, Brochure)

  • Marketing and Events (film releases and focus group)

  • Digital PR (SEO, Email Marketing, Web Monitoring, Community Management and Online Reputation)

  • Digital Marketing (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Digital and Mobile Ads)

  • Web Design and Development (Applications and Websites, Mobile Applications and Corporate Blogs)

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