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ATmedios S.A.S.

Martes 19 de Junio del 2018


Region: Bogota Region
City: Bogotá
Telephone: +57 (1) 5333390
Adress: Cl. 87 #21-57
Web page:
In ATmedios we work providing accessibility and technology solutions in the audiovisual industry, the educational and corporate sector and the advertising industry.

Since 2002, with the line of solutions for audiovisual products, we make accessible the entertainment and culture information for blind people, deaf people, speakers of other languages, and the public in general. With the advice and support of our team of professionals, we listen to the specific requirements of our clients and seek to deliver the best results for their audiovisual projects, providing services such as:

closed captioning
audio description
Colombian sign language interpretation (ILSC)
vizrt products
simultaneous interpretation
real time transcription (CART)

Translation and subtitling into English of the film: Roa by Dynamo producciones.
English subtitling of the documentaries: Miss representation and On the ice for the US Embassy.
Closed captioning, ILSC y audio description of feature films such as: El páramo and Gordo calvo y bajito; and of short films like: Dolores, Minuto 200 and El huésped, for the Ministerio de Cultura program “Cine accesible”, Sueños Films, and Ojo al Sancocho Festival.
Audio description for the movie: El gallo de oro, by Roberto Gavaldón, screened at the Bogotá Film Festival of 2012.
Audio description for over 80 movies with Ministerio TIC and Fundación Saldarriaga Concha for the “Cine para todos” program.

Editing and Postproduction



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