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Bajo la Luz SAS

Miercoles 08 de Junio del 2016


Region: Bogota Region
City: Bogotá
Contact: Victor Gomez
Telephone2: +16473619141
Cellphone: +573208721703
Web page:

Bajo La Luz S.A.S is a Colombian/Canadian production house dedicated to the development, design, creation, and making of highly innovative Fiction and Documentary Films, as well as TV Series, Talk Shows and Reality Shows.

Its main goal is to give to the audience transforming options of inspiring entertainment, with high-end quality and great profit, and at the same time, to conquer international markets. We are committed to produce projects that leave a deep and positive impact, leaving an important social footprint.

Inspired by the search of new possibilities and languages to reflect through Media, Stage Theatre, and Film, Bajo la Luz S.A.S. was founded in Bogotá, Colombia, on March 13th 2012, materializing this way a dream, and taking advantage of the wide artistic and entrepreneurial experience of its partners.

Amongst its main strategies, it opens new production possibilities in cities with lower demand, such as Medellin, Colombia. The combination of production infrastructure, film incentives, and its artistic talent, attached to projects specifically designed to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the city.

Combining the artistic talent from Bogotá, other main cities in Latin America, and Canada, Medellin offers a reduction in budgets of up to a 65% of those from big cities such as Bogota, and it offers foreigner productions up to a 55% in cash rebates.

With its allies in Colombia and Canada, Bajo la Luz, joins strengths and takes advantage of these business opportunities, offering production services, and searching for coproduction opportunities to join infrastructure, resources, projects and talent, and at the same time, to increase presence in the market, joining Latin America and North America, an audience of almost 800 million people.

Bajo la Luz has an important portfolio of contents for film, that meet the requirements of this strategy, and that offer great possibilities to increase international sales. Amongst them:

Aníbal, The Alquimist -
Format: Feature Film. Genre: Drama.
Production: Colombia/Canada. Original Language: English/ Spanish

The Luis’ -
Format: Feature Film. Genre: Drama.
Production: Colombia/Canada. Original Language: English/ Spanish

Robin Book-
Format: Feature Film. Genre: Drama.
Production: Colombia/Canada. Original Language: English/ Spanish

At the present time, we are negotiating resources and alliances for the post production of our feature documentary Dahiana, I am, shot in Spain, Belgium, Cuba and Colombia, in co-production with El Árbol Productions (Medellin, Colombia), and Filmblanc (Canada), which portraits through transexuality, the vast greatness of the Self, beyond differences and social stigma.

Our experience is the result of 30 years of work in front and behind the cameras, given by VICTOR GOMEZ, partner, founder, and , Bajo la Luz’s Creative Producer. He has a Master in Fine Arts, in Drama (Directing and Acting), from York University; has postgraduate studies in Film from Ryerson University; and Creative Writing, from Humber College of Canada; as well as he has an HBA in Media Communications and Journalism, from Pontifical Bolivarian University, of Medellin; and he studied Theatre, at XXI Studio, in Bogota.

In North America, during the last 10 years, he shot more tan a dozen films, including his short Ricardo Against Ricardo, which participated in festivals such as Los Angeles Cine Sin Fin-Chicano Film Festival, San Francisco Cine Latino Festival-Cine Acción, Toronto Hispanic Film Festival, and was awarded best Canadian Experimental at the Alucine Film Festival in Canada.

His more recent short films include Gone, Dejavou, Kiss me Like the Night, Still Here, Game Over and Reality Lays Where the Real Lies. At the same time, he has been developing his feature documentaries Searching For Oscar and Digging for Justice, an investigation about the Guatelamalan Genocide, lead by Nobel Peace Price, Rigoberta Menchu.

For Theatre @ York he has directed the plays At the Beginning, From The Heart and his controversial Shakespeare’s, Richard III. He’s play Lizardboy was published by Playwrights Canada Press as part of its Anthology of the Best of the Latino-Canadian Theatre, which had great reception from the critics, including the four stars from CBC, in its North American Tour, besides getting the People’s Choice Award at Summerworks Theatre Festival.

In Hollywood, to mention a few, he has performed in the Oscar nominee film Lars and The Real Girl, starred by Ryan Gosling; in Paromount’s film about the renown rapper 50 Cent, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, directed by famous Irish director (My Left Foot), Jim Sheridan; and more recently, with Mickey Rourke, in the movie Blunt Force Trauma, by New York director Ken Sanzel.


CAROLINA RIVILLAS is Bajo La Luz’s Executive Producer. She is specialized in Strategic Management, and has an HBA in Media Communications and PR. She has been in leading positions for such Colombian companies as Flota Mercante Grancolombiana, Consejo Nacional de Planeación, Grupo Editorial Educar, and the shopping malls Avenida Chile and Santafé. She is an expert in Diferencial Strategies Design, and in Lateral Thinking Techniques, Prospective Planning, Creativity and Innovation, achieving great success in campains, and award winning Branding Concept developments, such as Lápiz de Acero.


Dahiana, I am


Searching for Oscar