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Cabecitanegra Producciones

Martes 12 de Febrero del 2013


Region: Bogota Region
City: Bogotá
CC/NIT: 9002936627
Contact: A Carolina Mosquera M
Contact profession: Productora
Telephone: 57+ 1 2832192
Cellphone: 57+ 3144228652
Adress: Calle 26D No 4 - 24 Of. 503
Web page:
Founded in 2009 by Carolina Mosquera (film producer) and Alfonso Acosta (scriptwriter and director) Cabecitanegra Producciones is a film production company of high artistic value recognized for the originality of their stories and the deep social subtext that entails. They are stories that from drama, horror, fantasy or comedy, thriller or mixture of genresCasi, reflect on the reality and the problems inherent in the human being. In 2012 released the feature film The crack a co-production with Rizoma Films from Argentina and EOne from Canada as a sales agent, this drama / psychological thriller was released at Busan International film Festival. Nowadays Cabecitanegra is producing and co-producing several feature films as Franco's Night (Suspense/ horror)/(Mexico – Colombia), The dead professors (Drama/dark comedy)/(Colombia-Argentina-Chile) and Almos never too late (Drama/existential and historical thriller).

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