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Martes 15 de Diciembre del 2015


Region: Bogota Region
City: Bogota
Contact: Ignacio Londono
Cellphone: 57 3185387341
Web page:;
Filmy Latam is a Best in Class Audiovisual Production Company founded in 2012. We create and produce genuine and engaging ideas to touch people´s heart, spirit and mind in their media of preference.

Our focus is on every single detail to deliver a top quality product, from the idea inception until the end of the production process. We work with deep passion to leave our stamp in the entertainment world.

Filmy Latam is located in the modern and classy Bogota city (Colombia). We have the capability to produce across the country in the most beautiful locations, with the latest technology equipment, and the best professionals, production talent and crew. Our recruitment process is very accurate, as we want to attract the very best of the industry, and reward them properly.

1. Production Services: We provide consulting and production services to clients and production houses from abroad.

We recommend where and how to produce.
We work with a vast experience production team.
Fantastic equipment, crew, talent, casting and locations.

2. Content development and production. We create content that genuinely touches people, to establish a long term conversation with the audience.  We create and produce Films, shorts, series, documentary, Branded Content and Digital Content.

3.Integrated communication production.  According to the brand needs we design the production strategy to deliver very high quality at low costs. We count with freelance directors, DPs and Photographers from Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, US and Panama.

Production type: TV commecials, Photos, Videoclips, Brand sights and sounds, Visual exploratories and Table top.

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