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Lili Bonil

Miercoles 06 de Febrero del 2019


Region: Bogota Region
City: Bogotá
Web page:
Lili Bonil Master in visual and plastic arts at the Faculty of Arts Asab - Francisco José de Caldas District University, with Specialization in Fantasy Make-up and Characterization at the Art Stick School in Barcelona Spain, She did internships in Special Effects at the company Kreat FX of Madrid Spain; She has worked as a Makeup and Special Effects Designer in film, television, commercial, theater and photography.

Worked on short films such as \"El niño va al circo\" by Rodrigo Torrijos, \"Los zapatos amarillos\" by Diego Navarro, \"El cabinet del pupiritero\" by Santiago Belalcázar, \"Sushi\" by Andres Sandoval part of Collabfeature Train Station, \"The Face\" by Diego Reyes for the London Film School, \"6 shadows are 3 bullets\" by Ricardo Rodríguez, \"La Ofrenda\" by the directors Javier Gutiérrez and Greg Slagle, \"Blood and Yeast\" by Juan Carlos Mazo. She has also been makeup designer of the feature films \"El paseo 2\" and \"De Rolling por Colombia\" by Harold Trompetero, \"Demental\" by David Bohórquez, \"Dos Mujeres y una vaca\" by Efraín Bahamon, for which she was nominated in the 2016 to the Macondo Awards for best makeup. In international films I made characterization and special effects assistance in the feature film \"The 33\" by Patricia Riguen, starring Antonio Banderas. I coordinate the second unit of Makeup and Makeup SFX in \"Loving Pablo\" by Fernando León de Aranoa, starring Javier Bardem and was the Makeup and Special Effects Designer of \"KillChain\" directed by Ken Sanzel and starring Nicolas Cage.

She designed the Reality \"Tu cara me suena\" by Caracol tv. She was the makeup artist of the three seasons of the international program \"Andrés López de Noche\" by Directv. I design makeup and hairstyles from the period series written and directed by Ivan Gaona \"Adios al Amigo\".

She has served as a teacher at the Unified National Corporation - CUN, at La Salle International Collage, FotoDesign, La Sabana University; Pontificia Univeridad Javeriana and La Escuela Nacional de Cine. It was recognized in 2015 by the international makeup publication MAKEUP ARTIST as a Gold member; received the award in the 2016 \"SmartFilms\" festival for the best Makeup and is part of the board of directors since 2015 for the specialty of Makeup and Special Effects in the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Colombia.

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Loving Pablo