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Signos Studio SAS

Martes 16 de Julio del 2013


Region: Bogota Region
City: Zipaquirá
Telephone: 57+1 8 51 09 35
Adress: CL 2 # 14-14 Zipaquirá
Web page:
Perfil (I): We are a 3D ANIMATED CONTENT production company with emphasis in
the use of Motion Capture technology. Since its foundation in 2000 as a
website design company, Signos Studio has been in a constant innovation and
transformation process, adapting new business models and products to the
changing movements in the market. We have experience in developing and
producing complex animation projects, with an excellent audio-visual quality.
Our 3D animation studio develops and produces children’s TV series, focusing
on creating transmedia and crossmedia content. The studio is also available
to produce animated short and feature films, since we have the infrastructure,
technology, staff and experience to having produced two short films.
The service of our MoCap studio is addressed mainly to the 3D animation
industry. Since with the use of this technology the animation time is reduced
drastically, and it can be incorporated in different stages of the process
production in a 3D animated project, optimizing the quality and cost of the
final product, which leads to a higher production capacity for this industry. The
studio is also available for the development and production of digital content
for different industries such as video games and interactive virtual reality. Our
MoCap system counts with 24 infrared cameras and optic markers placed on
the body and face of the actor. The system enables to capture up to THREE
characters on stage, rigid bodies (weapons, swords) and facial capture.

Main activities of the company are:
• Production of 3D animated content for children’s TV series.
• Motion capture service provision for film and TV.
• Development and production of transmedia content.


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