Shooting wraps on “Love & Coffee”

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

On November  14, filming wrapped on the romantic comedy Love & Coffee, a co-production between Colombia’s Caracol Televisión, U.S.-based Marvista Entertainment, and Argentina’s Snap TV. The film received support through Law 1556 of 2012, which establishes cash rebates for films that are fully or partially filmed in Colombia. Under the law, Colombia offers rebates for 40 percent of expenses paid for film services and 20 percent of expenses paid for film logistics services provided by Colombian companies or individuals with their primary residence in Colombia.

Love & Coffee, starring Nicolás Rincón, Taliana Vargas, Julián Arango, and Constanza Duque, is the second co-production made by these three companies in Colombia. Their previous project was Abducted, with Kathleen Rose Perkins, Kamar de los Reyes, Marcela Mar, Luis Fernando Hoyos, Eileen Roca, and Carlos Manuel Vesga, which was released in early October. Both films grew out of an agreement reached a year and a half ago by Caracol and Marvista to produce three films a year in Colombia.

Directed by David Jackson (episodes of Miami Vice, CSI New York, and Smallville), the team creating Love & Coffee is 99 percent Colombian. The only foreigners are the director, the director of photography, and the lead actress (Anna Hutchinson). “We believe in local talent. We organized interdisciplinary groups of people from film and television. Caracol’s goal is to promote the Colombian film industry and train our technicians in film,” said Alejandro Toro, co-productions director for Caracol Televisión.

The film, a love story that takes place on coffee plantations, is being shot in and around Medellin. “We want to take advantage of the extra rebate offered by the Medellin Film Commission for 15 percent of total expenses paid in the city,” added Toro. For example, they will film in the Cauca Viejo complex, which has never before been shown on the big screen, for scenes of a traditional village in Colombia’s Antioquia province.

“The people at Marvista tell us they had never seen so much green, so many mountains, so many hillsides with coffee fields. And beyond the majestic landscapes, they have also been surprised by the quality of production here in Colombia. The results have been very positive,” said Toro.

This is the first time Caracol has participated in an international film production, though in the past it has done television co-productions with Warner, Sony Pictures, Telemundo, Univision, and Televisa.