Premiere of Wars of Others, First HBO Documentary Completely Filmed in Colombia

Monday, July 25th, 2016

HBO Latin America premiered the documentary Guerras ajenas (Wars of Others), which shows the consequences of glyphosate spraying in the war on drug trafficking in Colombia. The film was directed by Cali-born director Carlos Moreno, best known for the films Liveforever and Dog Eat Dog.

On June 13 HBO, one of the world’s largest and most popular international TV networks, premiered the documentary Wars of Others, the network’s first to be fully filmed and produced in Colombia. The documentary provides different views and perspectives on the use of glyphosate for drug eradication in the country.

The documentary premiered simultaneously in 40 Latin American countries. This meant that the story of the fight against drug trafficking in Colombia had to be told so that both people familiar with the problem of illegal drugs in Colombia and people without any knowledge of the problem could understand the magnitude and history of the issue, as well as the role played by glyphosate spraying. To achieve this, two and a half years went into the documentary’s research and production. The filmmakers interviewed a total of 30 experts from NGOs, scientific organizations, environmental groups, Colombian and US government agencies and military authorities, and farmers directly affected by the spraying.

The controversy around the use of glyphosate for aerial spraying of illegal crops has expanded since 2015, when glyphosate was declared a potential carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Before this declaration, all warnings about the dangers to human health posed by the herbicide were ignored and government agencies stated that there was no danger. Meanwhile, farmers paid the price, stuck in the middle of a war that was not their own. Wars of Others seeks to present a broad overview of these controversies surrounding the chemical agent.

The documentary was produced for HBO Latin America by LatinWE (Latin World Entertainment), the premier Hispanic talent management and entertainment marketing firm in the United States, and by the Colombian production house PostBros. For HBO Latin America Originals, the participating producers were Roberto Rios, Paul Drago, Luis Peraza, and Nestor Hernandez. Elizabeth Gray and Lilia Luciano were producers for LatinWE, and Camilo Ganado was the producer for PostBros.

Luciano also had the original idea for Wars of Others, and Nestor Hernández and Fabio Posada wrote the script. Colombian Sofía Oggioni, who has worked on Fungi and La sirga, was director of photography. The editors were Etienne Boussac, also editor of Embrace of the Serpent, and Sebastián Hernández, editor of The Squad. International distribution is being handled by the HBO Latin America Group.

After its premiere, the documentary continues to be shown on HBO and is available through the HBO Go platform for computers, mobile devices, and XBOX Live.