Specific information

Director: Conor Allyn
Production company: Caracol Televisión, Marvista Entretainment, Snap TV
Production services in Colombia: Caracol Televisión
Filming locations: Bogotá, Colombia.
Cast: Edgar Vittorino
Production Year: 2016

CIA analyst Riley Evans loses everything when she makes a terrible mistake that leads to a terrorist attack. When she is forced into exile, she flees the US and comes to live in Bogota, Colombia. Riley is depressed and discouraged, but life gives her a chance to redeem herself when her former CIA partner and ex-boyfriend Bill shows up with a proposal: a clean record and a ticket home in exchange for helping the CIA seize millions of dollars in online gambling money. But Bill has his own plans, and Riley must fight with all her strength to survive and achieve her dream of redeeming herself.