Specific information

Director: Jonathan Levine

Production company:Good Universe

Production service company: AG Studios Colombia

Locations:Cartagena, Colombia; Montreal, Canada.

Cast: Charlize Theron, Seth Rogan, Andy Serkis.

Production Year: 2018


US Secretary of State CHARLOTTE FIELD is getting ready to start her campaign to run for President of the United Sates. In this path she reunites with FRED FLARSKY, a young man who she used to babysit and has now hired as her campaign speechwriter. During her campaign promoting her Environmental Policy and visiting various countries, Colombia among others, they fall in love. Charlotte and Fred must struggle with US President Chambers and Wembley Media Director who blackmail them by announcing their relationship if she doesn’t quit her campaign. Charlotte does not let them blackmail her and publicly announces her relationship with Flarsky, which makes her the win the Presidency and the love of her life.