Production Guide

Action / In Colombia Last November’s headline in the Hollywood Reporter read, “Colombia Takes the Lead in Latin Incentives Surge.” And rightly so. Tough Law 1556 of 2012 has only been in effect for a year, today the benefits of the new incentive are increasingly well-known internationally, making the promise of the law a reality. It’s no wonder that Mike Medavoy, a highly accomplished producer of major films such as Black Swan, has partially shot his film in our country. The movie “The 33” had been searching for a location that fit the story’s needs for a long time. They found the answer in Colombia: a natural and original location, perfectly suited as a set for the mine, and a film incentive that was not just attractive, but compelling, in terms of production costs. The projects applying to the Colombia Film Fund demonstrate that not only Hollywood movies, but also major productions from Europe and neighboring Latin American countries, have realized the advantages of the reimbursement. They don’t want to miss out. Interest in Colombia from high-profile international productions has been steadily growing, showing that the incentive has been well received. This is also thanks to the changing image of the country: the film sector is talking about our competitiveness in production, as well as our wealth of varied locations, attesting to the consolidation of confidence in Colombia. The undeniable increase in tourist activity throughout the country also confirms this. The warm welcome and expectations inspired by the incentive make our country more committed than ever to the spirit of Law 1556: to position our country as a top shooting destination for international productions, significantly contributing to the development of the Colombian film industry. Law 1556 strives to benefit not only providers of production, post-production and logistics services, but also our artists and creative personnel. Because while our technical and artistic personnel benefit from the knowledge transfer resulting from their work with large international productions, today we can say that our producers, through their experiences, are increasingly prepared to actively participate in global markets as production services providers. Finally, we can’t forget that the best way to promote Colombia is interaction between foreign producers and technical and artistic personnel, and our country’s people, places, customs and traditions. It was certainly an honor to have renowned actors such as Antonio Banderas and Lou Diamond Phillips with us. But they also had the privilege of working in our territory, with its wonderful scenery and our warm people, alongside major Colombian actors like Gustavo Angarita and Juan Pablo Raba. With everyone talking about the incentive and all eyes on Colombia, we have a formula for success: for our locations to play a leading role on the big screen; for our talented artists to find more and more arenas to fully exhibit their creativity; and behind the scenes, for Colombian personnel, eager for experiences and knowledge, to be active in the labor market. This is what drives all of our efforts to promote this growing industry. Today, we invite you to be part of this historic moment for our film industry. We invite you to discover our country from its diverse sets and in the company of our women and our men. We invite you to a blockbuster country.