Tv, Advertising and Animation


Audiovisual production in Colombia is booming. The Colombian television industry successfully exports shows –especially soap operas– to over eighty countries around the world including “Betty la Fea” (“Ugly Betty”), one of the biggest hits on international channels, to a number of continents and is now a constant source of programming for the Latin US market.

Several international companies, including Fox International and NBC-Telemundo, are currently producing projects in Colombia. Both, Fox and RTI have their own sound stages in Bogotá where they produce internationally-broadcast series.


The country´s advertising industry has taken solid root over the past few decades and in past years several Colombian production houses specializing in production of spots on Colombian locations have begun to produce for international clients whose spots air in many different countries. The world´s largest advertising agencies including McCann Erickson, Leo Burnett, J. Walter Thomson and others have operated in Colombia for over thirty years. More than thirty local agencies produce for national and international clients.

Approximately twenty production and preproduction advertising companies operate in Colombia – some of them specializing in production for international brands and agencies.


There are approximately 40 animation companies in Colombia, all with international recognition, and several large foreign producers such as Nelvana and Pipeline Studios have set up training and refresher courses that generate high-quality competitive content in keeping with the highest creative and production standards. This was proven by the international release “Fat, Bald, Short Man” by Carlos Osorio at the Free Spirit Competition of the Varsovia Film Festival 2011.