There are no audiovisual unions at this time, or fixed rates for services or labor. There are a number of Colombian associations working to ensure the wellbeing and development of the audiovisual industry.

However, in the following chart you will find listed some of the principal crew members in order to have a general costs reference in our country. Rates were calculated through an average crew sampling of film budgets from nationally certified projects. This sample included 19 different films shot between 2006 and 2011 which consists of very low budget films and larger scale international co-productions. The aforementioned average was calculated by the Ministry of Culture’s Film Office. These rates were compared to the ones given by Colombian production companies. According to their observations some of the numbers were adjusted.

CREW Weekly Averange USD
1st Assistant Director 1.865
Continuity / Script supervisor 703
Still photography 545
Line Producer 12.326/ 5 weeks shoot
Production Manager 873
1st Production Assistant 327
Production Coordinator 491
Field Producer 491
1st Field Production Assistant 273
2nd Field Production Assistant 207
Director of Photography 2.727
Camera Operator 1.200
1st Camera Assistant / Focus Puller 1.200
Gaffer 1.200
Best Boy 900
Electrician 950
Art director 2.000
Art producer 545
Art assistant I 273
Art assistant II 191
Costume designer 980
Make-up/Hair 1.021
Sound 2.727 (includes sound equipment & mics)
Sound Assistant 730
Personnel transport and land cargo 800 per van (12 people) per week incl. driver
Catering 18 to 30 per day per person

Average exchange rate – December 2011 Colombia Central Bank (Banco de la República de Colombia): 1848,17 COP/USD

* Source: The last column shows rates provided by an experienced Colombian Production company.