Transport, hotels, and food

Air travel

The country is directly linked to major North American and European cities with daily flights to New York, Miami, Mexico City, Madrid, Paris, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Panama, and many others. Principal airlines including American Airlines, Iberia, Air France, and Lufthansa fly directly to Bogotá, some of them to Cartagena, Barranquilla and Medellín.         Avianca, Colombia’s major airline also handles international flights to Miami, New York, Los Angeles, among others.

Over 20 international passenger airlines operate inside Colombia; international flights to Colombia have doubled in the past 7 years. Currently there are 878 direct international flights from and to Colombia every week, and more than 4,500 domestic frequencies.

Colombia’s main airports are: Nuevo Dorado located in the city of Bogotá; Ernesto Cortissoz, 7 kilometers outside the city of Barranquilla; Palmaseca, 18 km. outside Cali; Crespo in the city of Cartagena; and Riosucio 45 kilometers outside Medellín. A variety of local airlines such as Avianca, Aero República, Satena and Easy Fly connect the Colombian provinces.  There are a total of 73 airports, none of them further than a two-hour flight from the capital of Bogotá.

A number of private companies specialize in helicopter and small plane services throughout the country.

Land Transport

The entire country is linked through a system of highways and roads, except extremely remote regions such as the Amazon jungle and certain parts of the Chocó and Great Plains regions.

A number of companies provide overland transportation for passengers (buses, micro-buses, etc.) to nearly every corner of the country.  Major cities have bus terminals that centralize passenger services.

National and international companies such as Hertz Rent-a-Car, Colombia Rent-a-Car, Andes Auto Rental and ABC Rent-a-Car provide rent-a-car services to the principal regions.

Taxis are available in all major cities, serving the immediate urban perimeter and the different regions.

There is no rail service except for freight, which exists only in certain regions.

Hotels and accommodations

Several international hotel chains such as Hilton, Sheraton, Marriot, and Holiday Inn operate in Colombia along with first-class national chains.  Hotels range from 3-stars with prices for single rooms starting at $40 USD, to 5-star hotels priced at up to $300 per night (these rates vary depending on the season and the city).  Colombia is a favorite destination for international tourism, international corporate conventions and backpackers alike.



For additional information visit Colombia’s official travel guide:


Because of the country’s wonderfully diverse natural environments, many hotels and resorts specialize in environmental and eco-tourism, which include a variety of ecological and recreational activities, especially in the National Parks with their rivers, mountains, oceans, lakes, jungles, snowy peaks, caves, cliffs, enormous trees and waves, available for any number of audiovisual productions.

Backpackers are welcome at specialized hostels and shelters set up around the country for this type of tourism.



Restaurants throughout the country, particularly in major cities such as Bogotá, Cartagena, Cali and Medellín, are currently enjoying gastronomical success, offering all kinds of national and international cuisine.  Bogotá has become a gastronomical center and typical Colombian food from many regions has attracted international attention because of its variety, quality and originality.  Anthony Bourdain, the traveling chef, defines Colombian cooking in the following terms: “A visit to Colombia is one of those surprising experiences that can change the course of your life (…) Food in Colombia is amazing and full of incredible flavors.”