Approximately 30 insurance companies (supervised and authorized by the Colombian Financial Superintendence) offer general and life insurance covering the different film, television and advertising spot production processes – especially during the filming or taping process.

Policies offer general coverage for the following:

Actors and artistic and technical personnel guaranteeing payment of insured amounts due to interruption of filming, illness, accident, or death.

Negatives, rushes, copies, soundtracks, and software.

Defective materials, use of defective materials or equipment.  Can cover, among others, development, editing, defective processing, lab work, accidental loss of videotapes or soundtracks, and exposure to light.

Loss or damage to accessories, sets, costumes, and, in general, property of this type as well as property insured during filming.

Loss or damage to equipment and materials such as cameras, camera equipment, sound and lighting equipment, electrical equipment and portable generators, effects equipment, and trailers.

Civil liability for third parties due to damage to property or persons caused by filming.

Losses suffered by producer due to additional expenses related to interruption or suspension.

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