Foreigners require a visa to enter and remain in Colombia. However, temporary visitors from certain countries, whose purpose of travel is relaxation or recreation, only need a passport and return ticket.  If foreigners will remain in Colombia for more than 180 days, they also require an authorization to stay (permiso de permanencia) issued by Migración Colombia.
On the following link you can consult the visa required for foreigners wishing to visit Colombia:


Visitors Visas


Visitors visas are granted to foreigners who enter the country with no intention of permanently residing there. Under Law 1556, foreigners who are part of the technical crew, artistic team, actors or actresses involved in shooting movies or other audiovisual productions to be made or filmed in Colombian territory may obtain a Courtesy Visitor visa type “V”.

This also applies to any foreign personnel participating in co-productions with Colombia in the framework of international co-production treaties.

The written request for the Courtesy Visitor Visa must be made by the Colombian Film Commission (Comisión Fílmica Colombiana) for those projects benefiting from the cash rebate under Law 1556, and by the Ministry of Culture or the Film Office (Dirección de Cinematografía) of the Ministry of Culture for co-productions.  The duration of the courtesy visas ranges from 30 days to 2 years.

Below please find the information to be submitted to apply for a courtesy visa:

– Written request addressed to the Film Department (Dirección de Cinematografía) (for co-productions) or addressed to the Colombian Film Commission (Comisión Fílmica Colombiana) (for projects approved under Law 1556), signed by the producer of the work.

– Synopsis of the project.

– Summary of the producer(s)’ biography.

– If the stay in the country is less than 90 days, there is no need to submit a visa application. However, if a producer comes to Colombia for shooting purposes, the Colombian Film Commission may issue a presentation letter.

– Data fact sheet for the work in question.

– List of persons entering the country for the purpose of filming, listing their identification documents and the functions they will fulfill during filming of the work.

Name and

Last Name

Function Nationality Passport Number Date of arrival Date of departure



– Information regarding Colombian artistic and technical personnel scheduled to intervene in filming, when applicable.

– Estimate of financial resources to be invested in filming on Colombian territory.

– Places and dates foreseen for shooting.

– Certificate of health insurance policy for a period at least as long as the stay in the country.

With this information, the appropriate institution requests the issuance of the temporary visas from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once approved at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the process can be done online.

For this, visa applicants may apply personally or the production team may designate one person to visit the visa authorization office at Bogota and apply for the group.

VISAS MUST BE APPLIED FOR 15 (FIFTEEN) DAYS IN ADVANCE due to the high number of applications for visas at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Temporary Visitors

Foreigners from any of the countries that do not require a visa to enter the country and who come for short periods of time as members of the staff, technical crew, or artistic team of an audiovisual project may enter with an entry permit (permiso de ingreso) and authorization to stay (permiso de permanencia) granted by Migración Colombia.

We recommend requesting a letter of introduction from the Film Commission to present to the immigration officer when entering the country.

Obligation to Register

Any person who has obtained a visa for a period greater than three (3) months must register at the Special Administrative Unit Migración Colombia fifteen (15) days from the date of arrival in Colombia, or from the date the visa was granted in the case that it has been processed in the country. Once the visa has been registered, Migración Colombia will issue the visitor a foreigner I.D. card (cédula de extranjería), which will serve as identification within Colombia. Foreigners must carry it with them throughout the duration of their stay in the country; they will be able to use it to enter into contracts and open bank accounts, among other activities. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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