Colombian Actor/Producer Juan Pablo Raba

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Juan Pablo trained as an actor in Caracas and New York, where he studied drama at the Lee Strasberg Academy. He has participated in productions in Colombia, Venezuela and Spain. In 2003, he was cast in the role that secured him a place in Venezuelan television history, starring in “Mi Gorda Bella”, which broke all rating records in the country and was sold to channels in Indonesia and the Czech Republic, among others.

His is best known internationally for his roles in “El cartel de los sapos I and II “(2008), “Tiempo final”, “Sin retorno”, “Mental” (2009) and “Los caballeros las prefieren brutas”. He has been nominated for three Colombian India Catalina Television Awards and for two TV y Novelas Awards.

His film work includes roles in “Anillo de compromiso” (2005), “Soltera y sin compromiso” (2006), “Una abuela virgen” (2007), “Ni tan largos ni tan cortos” (2007); Henry Rivero’s “Puras joyitas” (2007), “En coma” (2011) by Juan David Restrepo and Henry Rivero, Ricardo Coral-Dorado’s “Postales colombianas” (2011), “El cielo en tu mirada” (2012) and Henry Rivero’s “Secreto de confesión” (2014), where he made his debut as producer. In his latest film The 33, he plays Dario Segovia, the 22nd miner to emerge from the mine.