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Chicamocha Canyon


Region: Eastern Region
Location code: 241
City: Bucaramanga
Department: Santander
Description: The Chicamocha Canyon is a Colombian natural attraction. The temperature in the canyon fluctuates from 11°C to 32°C from day to night. It is extremely dry, and vegetable covering is scant, almost absent. It is located just 54 kilometers from Bucaramanga by car at an altitude of 1,450 meters above sea level. The Chicamocha River is 227 kilometers long. With a depth of approximately two kilometers, this canyon is deeper than the famous Colorado Canyon. This beautiful place is home to the Chicamocha Natural Park, which offers visitors contact with nature and extreme amusement in its 264 hectares.
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Cañón del Chicamocha

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Cañón del Chicamocha 6.799882, -73.018141