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The Tatacoa Desert


Region: Southern Andean R.
Location code: 748
City: Neiva
Department: Huila
Description: La Tatacoa Desert, the second largest dry area in Colombia after the desert of La Guajira, is one of Colombia’s most attractive natural landscapes. It covers an area of 330 km² of gray and ochre soil interrupted by the green of the cactuses. According to scientific discoveries, during the Tertiary Period, La Tatacoa was a garden with thousands of flowers and tress that gradually dried up until it became a desert. The area is very eroded and crossed by dry canyons that develop temporarily during the rainy seasons. These mysterious shapes are created over surfaces of clay and generate mazes of gullies that can reach depths of 20 meters.
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Desierto de la Tatacoa

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Desierto de la Tatacoa 3.160058, -75.189558