Actors Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke and Ryan Kwanten arrive in Bogota to shoot “Blunt Force Trauma”

Friday, September 26th, 2014

“Blunt Force Trauma,” which benefited from the rebate incentive of 40% – 20%, will be shooting until October 9 and will be filmed entirely in and around Bogota. Some of the locations that will give life to the story are the Bogata Savannah Train Station, La Calera, Fontibón, El Codito, Zipaquirá and more. In these locations, actors Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire), Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler), and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), together with Director Ken Sanzel and executive producers Gary Preisler and Eric Brenner, will recreate a hostile environment where the characters they play are always on the edge. “We evaluated the possibility of filming in New Orleans, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Alabama, Toronto, etc., but we felt that Bogota would be the best place to make the film. I extensively researched safety, equipment, human talent, etc., and in the end I felt that Colombia could work for the story on multiple levels. The rebate incentive that this country offers is very strong and competitive and was undoubtedly decisive when it came to making the decision,” said Preisler. The first scene of the film presents a deadly game: two duelists clad in bullet-proof vests face off, draw their weapons, and shoot. Little by little, the film reveals Jhon and Colt’s intense desire to eliminate Zorringer, one of the most skilled opponents in these fights. Both characters feel enormous attraction while they work toward their goal; however, the ever-present possibility of death means that their relationship is constantly in danger. The company that will provide film services is 64A Films, headed by Diego Ramírez. Fifty Colombians will take part as members of the technical crew, including Paulo Andrés Pérez, Director of Photography; Hernán García, Production Designer; Nathalie Choquette, Casting Director; Carlos Eduardo Lopera, Sound Engineer; and Ana María Urrea, Costume Designer. “Meeting Diego Ramírez, director of 64AFilms, made me feel very comfortable and in good hands. I wouldn’t have risked coming to Colombia if we hadn’t found a film services company that I believe is able to handle a project that is in English, with the same complexity of the story and a first-rate cast. We have a lot of locations; there are sessions with action, stunts, special effects, etc.,” concluded Preisler.