Specific Information

Premiere: 2009
Nationality: EE.UU – Colombia
Gender: Drama
Duration: 1 hora
Website: www.fox.com/mental
IMBd: www.imdb.com/title/tt1245695/

When Dr. Jack Gallagher, a young, iconoclastic psychiatrist, is named Director of Mental Health Services at an LA hospital complex, everything changes. His radical methods inflame the staff and upset the system as a whole. Patients are there for a variety of reasons: some are brought in by the police on seventy-two hour holds; some checked in by themselves; some are there to attend the day clinic, seeking to overcome the phobias and psychoses that make everyday life a struggle. To Jack, each case is a puzzle to be solved. He has the unique ability to plunge inside his patients’ minds, and to see reality the way they do, providing an utterly new perspective into their many worlds. Ever the rebel, Jack insists on getting to the root of the patients’ illnesses by exploring first who they are as human beings. Unfortunately, his colleagues remain resistant to his unorthodox though highly effective treatment methods – some may do anything to make sure he won’t be around too long. As seen through the eyes of doctors and patients who, as Jack points out, have more in common then they are willing to admit, “Mental” will delve each week into the mysteries, oddities and wonders of the human brain, and the ways in which those intricacies play out through complex human relationships. A medical drama with an unconventional twist, “Mental” comes from Deborah Joy LeVine – creator of the successful drama series “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman” and the Lifetime series “The Division,” and executive producer of “Any Day Now,” “Dawson’s Creek” and the CBS series “Early Edition” – and her brother and writing/producing partner, Dan Levine.

Ficha técnica

Production year: 2008
Shooting Place: Bogotá (Colombia)
Emision: EE.UU.
Premiere: 2009-06-02
Format: HD
Proyection Format: Televisión