Partnership Launched between Caracol Television and Discovery Networks Latin America to Broadcast Colombian documentaries

Friday, September 26th, 2014

On September 7, a new documentary film timeslot was created to present documentaries produced by Caracol TV, in partnership with Discovery Networks Latin America and the production companies Laberinto Producciones, La Retratista, and La Esperanza. This step will further bolster Caracol Television’s non-fiction programing, asserted Gonzalo Cordoba Mallarino, President of the network.

The documentaries to be shown were completely shot in the country since 2013, some reconstructed with archival footage. They seek to depict Colombian reality of the past ten years based on extensive research, presenting the events from different points of view in order to remember occurrences that should remain alive in the memory of Colombian viewers.

The productions that will air in the timeslot called “Caracol Specials” are: “Las Guerras del Oro,” “Fenómeno Migratorio,” “La Otra Cara del Placer,” “La Frontera más Caliente,” “Secuestro del Avión ELN,” “A los Seis,” “Gabriel Garcia Márquez,” “Heridas de Guerra,” and “Semillero de Escarabajos.”

A selection of these documentaries will also be distributed by the Discovery channel throughout Latin America.  For more than ten years, The Discovery Channel has been creating audiovisual content in Colombia and working with local talent, who have provided it with successful, highly-rated programs.