Specific information

Director: Jose Padilha, Guillermo Navarro, Andy Baiz
Production company:  Gaumont Intenational Television
Production services in Colombia: Dynamo
Shooting Place: Bogotá, Cartagena, Medellín.
Cast: Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal.
Production Year: 2014


American DEA agent Steve Murphy and his partner, Javier Peña, are assigned to work in Colombia to work with the Colombian National Police to take down narco traffickers. As DEA agents, their role is to inform and advise, so they work closely with CNP officer Horatio Carillo, one of the leaders of the “Search Bloc” created to capture narcos. After successful Colombian smuggler Pablo Escobar teams up with Chilean cocaine producer Mateo Moreno, aka “Cockroach,” the cocaine trafficking business takes off. Using his established smuggling routes, Pablo begins to millions of dollars of cocaine. Pablo even works with his competitors, the Ochoa Brothers and Jose Rodriguez Gacha, aka “The Mexican,” to help them smuggle cocaine to Miami by hiding it amongst legitimate exports, hiring drug mules (including pregnant women) to carry it on commercial flights and private aircraft. Upset over his cut of the profits, Cockroach tips off a DAS officer about Pablo’s smuggling routes, leading to Pablo’s arrest. Pablo kills Cockroach in retaliation. When the Ochoa Brother’s sister, Marta, is kidnapped, Pablo gathers all of the country’s narco traffickers together in Medellín; through an informant, Murphy, Peña and Carillo learn about the meeting and observe from afar, but decide to not intervene. At the meeting, Pablo proposes that the narcos pool their resources and intelligence to take on a common enemy: the guerillas who have been kidnapping their families because they know they can’t go to the police for help. The narcos agree, name themselves, “Death to Kidnappers” and pledge to combat kidnapping by publicly executing kidnappers. Marta ‘s kidnappers reléase her unharmed.






Choachí Road