Specific Information

Premiere: 2013
Nationality: Inglesa
Gender: Documental
Website: natgeotv.com/uk/woman-raised-by-monkeys

A detective & scientific story investigating the incredible life story of Marina Chapman, a 62 year old housewife living in Bradford, northern England. She claims that at the age of four she was taken from her home village somewhere in an unknown location in Colombia, and then abandoned in the jungle, forced to fend for herself. She only survived, she claims, by becoming part of a troop of capuchin monkeys; living with as one of them for the next seven years.

After escaping the jungle and living in the streets of Cucuta, she found a loving adoptive family, who moved to England in the 1970s. Now a grandmother of her own family she has retold of her time with the monkeys, but has no idea who she really is, who her real family are, or where she’s from.

This film follows Marina and her daughter on a quest to find answers about her life; to find out who she is. At the same time, we will forensically examine her claims to have been raised by monkeys. Could a five year old girl really survive in the jungle in the company of monkeys? Working with the top Colombian neuroscientists, forensic anthropologists and primatologists we will search for the clues that might prove her story to be true.

Using the latest in behavioral, psychological and genetic research available, we aim to investigate Marina’s lost origins and help her discover her true identity.

In terms of style, the film will combine drama reconstructions of Marina’s childhood in the jungle with observational filming of her journey back to Colombia; meeting the experts who will hopefully give her the answers she’s searching for.

Ficha técnica

Production year: 2013
Shooting Place: Bogotá, San Martín-Meta, Cúcuta, Bucaramanga
Client: Discovery Animal Planet y National Geographic
Emision: Diciembre 12 2013
Premiere: 2013-12-12