Órbita 9

Specific information

Director: Hatem Khraiche
Production company: Cactus Flower Producciones
Production services in Colombia: Dynamo
Filming locations: Medellín, Colombia.
Cast: Alex González, Clara Lago
Production Year: 2016

Helena is 20 years old, and has spent her entire life in a space shuttle that will take her to Celeste on a special mission. She has never seen other human beings besides her parents, who have already died. Helena firmly believes in her mission, but one day a malfunction in the ventilation system brings a mysterious engineer onto the shuttle. Seeing this man disrupts her calm existence. Realizing he could transform her life, the engineer injects her with a sedative and takes her off the shuttle. When she wakes up, Helena discovers that everything she had believed was false, and that she and the man who took her off the shuttle are risking everything, even their lives.