Specific information
Country: Argentina
Genre: Horror


A group of young travelers in a remote village are in search of paradise lost on the Colombian Pacific coast. They hear rumors of an incredible, strange, untouched land; a wondrous and singular place where visits are forbidden; a secluded island where white people may not set foot. They ignore the warnings, which only stimulate their thirst for adventure, and set out on the perilous expedition to its shores. On the island’s volcanic sand beach, surrounded by lush vegetation, the perfect place to unleash their most primitive instincts, they share and grow closer amidst a paradise that seems to be just for them. But they are not alone. Now, with no way of turning back, they will discover that they are not the architects of their own destiny. They were manipulated by the island’s inhabitants to satisfy the hunger of an alien being that dwells on the island and prevent his rage from crushing their village. The community believes ancient myths about the creature: they must feed it regularly with human sacrifices if they wish to keep it away from their shores, to avert bad harvests and empty fishing nets. Or that’s what they were always led to believe … Since its inception, their community has hidden a secret within a secret. The reality is that the alien cannot come into contact with water. It is trapped on the island, just like the young people. The sacrifices are pointless, because the alien could never reach the village anyway. Yet the priestess of this community, who claims that she is protecting them by leading the sacrifices, is actually manipulating the villagers through terror to maintain her control. Trapped on the island, our protagonists discover the creature’s secret, which transforms the deep Pacific into a faint hope of escape. In their desperate struggle for survival, the dark and hidden sides of each of them will emerge. They must overcome the conflicts between them in order to escape with their lives from the paradise that has imprisoned them, while the village attempts to free itself from the double curse that hangs over it.

Additional information

Production Year: 2015

Filming locations: Bahia Solano and Bogota, Colombia