Palm Trees in the Snow

Specific information

Director: Fernando González Molina
Production company: Nostromo Pictures
Production services in Colombia: Dynamo
Filming locations: Colombia: La Jagua de Ibirico and road along La Jagua de Ibirico, Cesar department; Tayrona Park, Los Ángeles beach, and the area from Santa Marta to Cienaga, Magdalena department; Bahia Solano
Cast: Adriana Ugarte, Mario Casas, Alain Hernández, Berta Vásquez.
Production Year: 2014


It is 1953, and Kilian leaves behind the mountain snows of Huesca to set off on a journey with his brother Jacobo to an unknown, distant, exotic land: the island of Fernando Poo. Deep within this lush territory, their father awaits them at his long-time home on the Sampaka farm, where some of the best cocoa in the world is grown. In this eternally green, warm and sensuous land, the young brothers discover the easy-going social life of the colony; they share in the hard work required to attain the perfect cocoa on the Sampaka farm; they learn the cultural differences and similarities between the colonial settlers and the local people; and they find the meaning of friendship, passion, love, and hate. But one of them will cross a forbidden, invisible line when he falls madly in love a native woman. Framed by complex historical circumstances, their love and the special connection between settlers and the native inhabitants of the island will transform the brothers’ relationship, change the course of their lives, and be the source of a secret whose consequences continue up to the present day. In 2003, Clarence, the two brothers’ daughter and niece, driven by curiosity and the desire to find her roots, delves into the ruinous past and discovers the crumbling threads of a secret that will finally be unraveled.