New Film “Tiempo Muerto” Now in Post

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Post-production has begun on the film Tiempo muerto, written and directed by Víctor Postiglione, and produced by Sinema (Argentina) and Patagonia Films (Colombia). Shot entirely in Bogota, this co-production – with 40% Argentinian investment and a 60% Colombian stake – received the benefits of the Colombian Film Law.

Starring Maria Nela Sinisterra and Guillermo Pfening, Tiempo muerto is a drama that recounts the story of Franco, who loses his girlfriend, Julia, a promising young journalist, in a strange car accident. Shortly after her disappearance, he discovers that she had been investigating the case of an elderly man who can help people relive memories with deceased loved ones, so that they can say goodbye one last time. Franco’s investigations lead him to discover that Julia misused one of these memories, or “dead times” (“tiempos muertos”), inadvertently altering the course of her own life. The story then takes an unexpected turn: Franco decides to travel back in time through a memory to save Julia.

After finishing shooting in mid-February 2015, Tiempo muerto is currently in post-production; its release is scheduled for 2016.

Sinema and Patagonia Films first initiated their partnership with Corazón de León, which premiered in March in Colombia. They just finished shooting Pacifico, directed by Gonzalo Gutiérrez, and have already started pre-production on their upcoming project, Perros, by Harold Trumpetero. Perros will star John Leguízamo, who is already in Bogota; his next project will be New York/Bogotá, set to be directed by José Arzuaga.