Proexport is Now PROCOLOMBIA, an Organization with a Broader Mission and Greater Challenges

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Proexport, the entity that was born in the early nineties to boost exports after Colombia’s economic liberalization, is now PROCOLOMBIA. After a more than eight-month process led by President Juan Manuel Santos, PROCOLOMBIA will now have an expanded mission: it will contribute to the creation of more export businesses and reinforce the search for foreign investment for new projects that will create more supply, employment and growth.
It will also work to position the Colombia Country Brand to consolidate Colombia as a tourist destination, and will coordinate promotional actions with public and private agencies that help bolster the name of the country to position it as a supplier of quality products and services.
PROCOLOMBIA will start the Mipyme (SME) International plan that will offer a foreign trade service with specialists working directly in companies, so that more Colombian firms can break into international markets. In addition, it will launch the Exporter Mentor Program, which will promote partnerships between companies with export experience – or foreign investors – and Micro, Small and medium-sized enterprises interested in going international in order to enhance their competitiveness.
Finally, PROCOLOMBIA will strengthen programs focusing on export culture, to help Colombian entrepreneurs adapt their products for the satisfaction of global consumers.
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