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The Colombian Film Commission a division of Proimágenes Colombia, supported by the Colombian government, promotes Colombia as a destination for audiovisual production and encourages the development and improvement of the country’s audiovisual services and talent.


Film Commission Services

  • Walk through and inform producers about the cash rebate 40% – 20%.
  • Inform producers and directors interested in Colombia of the best possibilities and alternatives for their projects in terms of logistics, locations, accommodations, Colombian talent, authorizations, contacts, etc.
  • Advise producers and directors about Colombian legislation regarding taxes, financing, hiring, customs, permits, visas, coproduction, etc.
  • Supply contact with the various businesses, producers, institutions and national and regional authorities related to their productions in order to make their work quicker and more effective.
  • Facilitate the expedition of National film office permit for filming on national territory and the courtesy visas for cast and crew.
  • Set-up packages of photographs of locations upon request.
  • Organize pre-scouts and support recce process in Colombia.
  • Ensure that producers, directors, cast and crew have the best experience shooting in our country.


Silvia Echeverri

Director of the Colombian Film Commission

Silvia Echeverri Botero, head of the Colombia Film Commission since 2008, is an economist with a degree in Economics from the University of the Andes and a Masters in Economic Law from Javeriana University. She led the process for the approval of Law 1556 in the Colombian Congress, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

Since the law was passed in 2012, she has worked on its regulation, development and application under the guidelines of the Colombia Film Promotion Committee (the decision-making body of the Colombia Film Fund). At the same time, she has developed and implemented the strategy to promote Colombia as a filmmaking destination.

She has been part of the Proimágenes Colombia team for 16 years. She also served as Administrative and Financial Director, when she supported the entire process of drafting and implementing Law 814.


Claudia Triana

Director of PROIMAGENES Colombia
Liberal Arts degree from the Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain.

Director of the Cinemateca Distrital for 6 years and assisted in the development of the Colombian Film Heritage Foundation (Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano), serving as the Foundation’s director for 9 years.

Director since 1998 of the Mixed Fund for Film Promotion (“Proimágenes Colombia”), the organization that administers the Film Development Fund’s resources.  “Proimágenes Colombia” promotes the country internationally through the Colombian Film Commission as a desirable location for audiovisual productions (film, television and commercials).


Lina María Sánchez

Promotion Executive

Lina Sánchez, has a degree of film and television from the National University of Colombia, she discovered her interest in audiovisual production at the very start of her studies. In 2008 she joined the staff of the Colombian Film Commission, where she currently holds the position of Promotion Executive. She has supported the design and implementation of the strategic plan to promote Colombia to the international film industry, as well as the implementation of Law 1556 and, with it, the incentive rebate.

She worked as a producer for two years in educational and cultural programs produced for Señal Colombia, and acted as Executive and Field Producer for FDC projects. She has also served as a professor of audiovisual production at the National University of Colombia.



Catalina Ramos Velásquez

Information Coordinator

Email: info@locationcolombia.com




All photographs on this website
were taken by Colombian photographers:

  • Cesar David Martínez
  • Sergio Trujillo
  • Carlos Alberto Pineda
  • Alberto Sierra
  • Carlos Mario Lema
  • Germán Montes
  • Ricardo Restrepo
  • Carlos Ramos

Institutional Photography:

  • Proexport
  • Vice Presidencia de Turismo
  • Ministerio de Cultura
  • Instituto Distrital de Turismo-IDT
  • Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo – Viceministerio de Turismo, “Revela” Contest 2009, 2010, 2011


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