Spencer Tunick desnuda a Bogotá

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

The renowned photographer, known for his large-scale nude shots, will visit Bogota to photograph one of his installations in Colombia for the first time. The activity, known as the #MeQuitoLaRopaPor (“I take my clothes off for”) and #KeepWalkingColombia Movement, is organized by the Bogota Museum of Modern Art (MAMBO) and Johnnie Walker.

Spencer Tunick is an American artist and photographer who has gained worldwide recognition for his massive installations, in which he calls together large numbers of people, asks them to remove their clothes, and photographs them with an artistic perspective. Over his over 25 year career, he has made nearly 90 of these human installations in cities such as Buenos Aires, Bruges, London, Lyon, Melbourne, Montreal, Caracas, Santiago, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Newcastle, and Vienna. His largest turnout so far has been in Mexico City in 2007, where 18,000 people took off their clothes and posed for his camera in Mexico City’s main square the Zocalo.

Tunick’s visit and the #MeQuitoLaRopaPor and #KeepWalkingColombia Movement will be held with the goal of uniting Colombians for a single goal: to walk together towards the future and leave all the prejudices and labels of the past behind them. This is an open invitation to any Colombian who wants to be part of Tunick’s work, because all human beings are equal when we take off our clothes. The idea is for the photography shoot to bring together business people, students, workers, politicians, community leaders, and more. For one moment, they will shed all labels and participate in the installation as an example of a society that, while it may have differences, shares a common vision: the pursuit of a better future for the country.

In April, Tunick visited the MAMBO for the official launch of the event and expressed his interest in working with the Colombian public, with Bogota as his stage. Tunick commented to the magazine Diners, “I explored the concrete jungle of Bogota for a few years. Yesterday I came back and explored it again. I got up early and saw the beautiful sunrise, the faces of its people, of all colors and sizes, and I felt very excited because I know this is going to be an incredible installation.”

To be part of the renowned photographer’s project, the only requirement is to be over 18 and to not be pregnant. Registration is open until June 4, and participants will receive from Spencer Tunick a limited edition copy of the photograph taken in Bogota, in recognition of their participation.


Those who cannot attend the event are invited to be part of the movement through the #MeQuitoLaRopaPor and #KeepWalkingColombia digital campaign. Through these hashtags on social media, they can write about what they want to leave behind in order to build a better country. Social media users can also invite their friends and acquaintances to join the campaign or to upload a picture showing their clothes on the floor next to their feet, as proof that we are all the same without our clothes.


To register and participate in the Spencer Tunick photo shoot, you can visit www.mambogota.com/tunick/.