Specific Information

Premiere: 2012
Website: www.glitztvla.com

In the show, renowned Argentine chef Rodrigo Toso presents the best of each gastronomic destination. Bogotá, Cusco, Cachi, Salta, Puerto Escondido and Oaxaca have been highlighted as places to discover Latin America’s best culinary flavors and secrets.
The show’s second season takes us to Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru where Chef Toso discovers the favorite meals. The series visits a variety of kitchens, from the avant-garde to the most folkloric corners where cooks continue to honor their cities’ heritage and picturesque inhabitants.

Ficha técnica

Production year: 2012
Shooting Place: Colombia, Perú, Argentina, México
Emision: Glitz Latinoamérica
Premiere: 2012-07-15