“The Boy” Successfully Wraps Up Shooting in Colombia

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Before the Elijah Wood’s American production company SpectreVision, (which he founded in 2010 with partners Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller), chose Colombia as the perfect place to film the first in an innovative horror trilogy, “The Boy,” Waller and his team traveled to the country to ensure it would be possible to simulate the feel of Colorado, United States amid the locations and landscapes near Medellin. That was how the company discovered Santa Fe de Antioquia, the perfect place with just the right personality for an American-style motel to be built. With it, a universe was created that served as the location for shooting this psychological character study, which follows a 8-year old boy as his fascination with death grows and eventually awakens the murderer within him. “The Boy,” which was filmed entirely in Colombia, completed shooting on August 27, with film services provided by Dynamo Productions; it will also continue its post-production in the country. The film’s production team emphasized that the rebate incentive of 40% – 20% was also one of the decisive factors for filming in Colombia. Craig Macneill, the film’s director and co-writer, said that with the incentive, “We were able to afford to build a motel rather than finding an old one that simulated what we were looking for. This was very rewarding.” According to Josh C. Waller, “What we accomplished down here was something that we couldn’t have accomplished back in the US, with the budget that we had. That’s why I think Colombia is an attractive shooting location.” He also stressed that “the process of filming with the Colombian crew was great. There have been people from Colombia who were crucial in successfully completing the film.”