The Lost City of “Z”

Specific information

Director: James Gray
Production company: Cross Creek Pictures
Production services in Colombia:Cinempresa
Filming locations: Santa Marta, Tayrona Park, Don Diego River, Ciénaga, Colombia and Belfast
Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller, Robert Pattinson
Production Year: 2015


“The Lost City of Z,” based on the biographical book of the same name, recounts the story of British Colonel Percy Fawcett, who was sent by his government to map the border between Brazil and Bolivia, in the heart of the never before explored Amazon jungle. During his successful expedition, Fawcett meets Tadjui, an indigenous guide who tells him about an ancient civilization deep in the jungle with gold monuments and massive structures. After World War I, the Colonel and his son embark on a new expedition to find that superior culture hidden in the Amazon, the city known as “Z.” But Fawcett and his son never return.