The Making of Pope Francis

Specific information

Director: Patrick Reams
Production company: National Geographic Channel
Production services in Colombia:Foxtelecolombia.
Locations: Bogotá, Colombia.
Cast: Kepa Amuchastegui, Juan David Agudelo, Andrés Ogilvy, Andrés Arambury
Production Year: 2016


A documentary film about Jorge Bergoglio’s dramatic journey from his humble beginnings in Argentina to becoming the first Jesuit and Latin American pontiff in history, with a mission to restore the integrity of the Catholic Church and awaken the faith of millions. The film tells the redemptive story of how Bergoglio defied his family’s expectations and gave up a future as a doctor to join the priesthood, where he rose rapidly through the ranks until becoming the leader of the Jesuit order. The film also describes how painful life experiences brought him to a remarkable transformation, paving the way for Bergoglio to emerge years later as the “Bishop of the Slums.” As a bishop, his radical positions would earn him new enemies at the same time as they set him on the road to the Vatican and his identity as Pope Francis.