Dead Time

Specific information

Director: Victor Postiglioni
Production company: Sinema
Production services in Colombia:Patagonia Films
Locations: Bogotá, Colombia
Cast: Guillermo Pfenning, Maria Nella Sinisterra
Production Year: 2015


Franco loses his girlfriend Julia, a promising young journalist, to a fatal car accident in downtown Bogota. Days after her death, Franco, on the verge of suicide, discovers that Julia had been investigating the strange case of an elderly man with an amazing gift: he can help people bring back a loved one who has passed away so they can experience a memory together and say their goodbyes. These moments together are called “dead times.” Franco’s investigations lead him to discover that the dead times are not a myth and he tracks down the mysterious old man. When Franco decides to travel back in time through a memory to save Julia, he soon realizes that Julia misused one of these dead times, inadvertently altering the course of her own life.