Corazón de León

Specific information

Director: Emiliano Torres
Production company: Sinema
Production services in Colombia: La Ventana Films
Filming locations: Bogota and Santa Marta.
Cast: Maria Nela Sinisterra, Marlon Moreno, Brayan Moreno, Manolo Cardona.
Production Year: 2014

This film recounts the love story between Juana Caicedo, a lawyer who has been divorced for three years, and León Sanabria, an extremely charismatic architect. Everything begins when Juana hurls her cell phone away after a heated argument with her ex-husband, and Sanabria decides to recover it and call her to return it. During their conversation, the two characters feel enormous empathy and arrange to meet at a café. When they meet, Juana finds a man that she didn’t expect, and from then on she must overcome society’s prejudices and her own in order to give into love.